Strength for the Journey, Part Three; Renewed Strength

May 16, 2020 Sermon Review

Isaiah 40:25-31; Galatians 6:7-9


If you’re like me, there are nights that regardless of what you do, you just can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep. And yes, I have tried many, if not most of the prescribed remedies that are supposed to induce sleep, from ingesting melatonin to listening to relaxing music. Sometimes these remedies work, but there are those times that nothing proves successful. And surprisingly, I am not alone. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the lack of sleep by Americans has reached epidemic proportions. It is estimated that sleep-related problems affect 50 to 70 million Americans of all ages and socioeconomic classes. Which means, many of you who are reading this probably suffer from the very same issue. And because sleep represents a third of every person’s life it has a tremendous impact on how we live, function and perform during the other two-thirds of our lives. Simply put, a good night’s rest helps to renew or restore our strength. Today as we continue our series, “Strength for the Journey,” we shall reflect upon a passage of scripture, which for many of us sleep-deprived victims, couldn’t have come at a better time, in our message titled, “Renewed Strength.”

When we find ourselves faced with situations and circumstances, which can at times cause us to feel that there is no one who really understands, we must never allow ourselves to forget that although Jesus is the Son of God, he is also the Son of Man. For he not only came as God to die for our sins but we have an advocate who also came as fully human in order that he might live our lives; subjecting himself to the same inequities and heartaches as every other member of the human race. And we have been given free and unhindered access in order that we might approach the very throne of God, having the full assurance that we will be given exactly what is needed at the time when it is needed the most. Hebrews 4:14-16; Leviticus 16:1-19; Matthew 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-13

Despite the fact that there will be times in our lives where we may feel that God has no regard for the challenges that we are faced with in this life, scripture makes it clear, time and time again, that not only is he the great creator of the universe, aware of our plight, but that he also cares deeply and has promised to be with us during the most difficult times of our lives. Isaiah 40:25-30; 41:10; 43:1-2; Habakkuk 1:2-4; 2 Corinthians 12:1-9; Galatians 4:1-4; 6:7-9; 1 John 4:4


Too often and maybe even to our own detriment, when speaking about the greatness of God, we focus primarily on his ability to be transcendent and thereby often overlook the fact that while that may be the case, it does not negate the fact that God continues to demonstrate his willingness to express his immanence, especially when we need it most.

Question for Reflection

Can you remember a time in your life when you felt not only physically, but also spiritually, at a loss of strength and how God intervened at just the right time to renew and restore you? And if so, was there anything you did in particular that aided in the process?

Quote of the Week

“Nothing paralyzes our lives like the attitude that things can never change. We need to remind ourselves that God can change things. Outlook determines outcome. If we see only the problems, we will be defeated; but if we see the possibilities in the problems, we can have victory.” – Warren Wiersbe